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Soul Calibur III

How can Calibur III improve over all time classic slash 'em-up Calibur II? Oh let us count the ways...

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Better still is World Competition because it does more than any other game mode to improve your own skills. Playing through a tournament sees you pitted against computercontrolled versions of opponents, as if you were playing online (which, unfortunately, you can't actually do), and it forces you to use every aspect of attack and defence so progress can be made.

After a couple of tournament wins, it'll become clear as day that Soul Calibur III's crown jewels - its unrivalled blend of accessibility and multilayered combat - remain as dazzling as ever. If anything, it's a touch faster and smooher, and maybe even sharper. Thankfully, the developer knows when it's on to a good thing and Soul Calibur's fighting was always a very good thing. Fans rest easy: it's still the most fantastic, instinctive combat system around, full of subtlety and variation. With all those clever new modes bundled in for good measure, there's plenty for everyone. Soul Calibur III is another almost perfect addition to the almost perfect beat 'em up series. It's safe to say that this is high calibre gaming indeed.

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The verdict

Even more refined combat combined with some inventive game modes means Soul Calibur III maintains its jaw-dropping appeal.

PlayStation 2
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai
Beat 'em Up