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Pack up your scythe to explore Mr Grim Reaper - the kindergarten years

After waiting what seems an eternity for what was supposed to be a PSP launch title, Death, Jr. is finally here.

Yeah it's cute and full of character, but considering how long it's been cooking in the development oven it still tastes a bit raw for our liking. The camera - something that can make or break a platformer - is really awkward. Seeing as Death, Jr. is all about slicing up and shooting enemies from precarious positions, it might have been better to have a more fixed camera; here it often ends up facing you, obliterating whatever it is that's trying to peck your eyes out, leaving you to tumble down a ravine in the confusion.


Armed with a scythe and a pair of pistols (you can upgrade them later), Death Jr. embarks on a mission to save his friends after they were rather unfortunately spellbound on an innocent trip to the local supernatural museum. What follows is a dark but funny trip through suburbia, as you fend off attacks from netherworld heavies and search out the missing pieces of school friends' souls.

Fighting is Death, Jr.'s strength, but you can also use the scythe to float and grapple with enemies. Sadly, when things start to get hairy, the game is let down by its sloppy camera viewpoints. The result looks well tasty, but is hard to swallow.

The verdict

One of the most distinctively styled games on PSP, but still feels a bit sloppy in places.

PlayStation Portable