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James Bond 007: From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love creaks like the 75-year-old Connery's knees, but it still has style

It's almost as if EA has been bugging our conversations about how it's time they made a Bond game with Connery in the lead role - capturing video clips of our schlurring vocal impressions of the original 007 with their wristwatch cameras.

Reconnaissance mission complete and findings reported, EA has duly given us what we wanted, and the digital Sean Connery certainly scrubs up well. From Russia With Love, based loosely on the 1963 film, features the most accurate Bond likeness yet seen. Everything from his rugged looks to the way he stands poised for action when he's left idle is spot on, and this helps massively with the feel of the game overall. The Aston Martin, Q, even the British soldiers sometimes fighting alongside him - everything looks as if it's been practically lifted right out of the film.


So, first impressions are great, but once you get a few minutes into the game it starts to go drastically downhill. Bond stands right, sure, but once he starts moving you'd be forgiven for thinking they motion-captured the present-day Connery. He. Moves. Really. Schlooooowly.

Unless bullets are being traded at the time, this doesn't really matter - the game follows such a strict path that agility is irrelevant. It really is a case of running in straight lines, with the odd corner to turn or pre-scripted jump to perform. Ironically, one of the most open-ended sections of the game is the maze, where you can happily get lost as you choose your own route.

Even the jetpack portions of the game are restricted. Hovering over the Houses of Parliament sees Bond banging into invisible walls in the sky, like some sort of moronic tuxedo-clad house fly.

Unfortunately, the cut-scenes throughout the game just rub salt into the wound, their slick animations contrasting with the clunky in-game action. Yes, From Russia With Love creaks like the 75-year-old Connery's knees, but it still has style.

The verdict

Presentation is great, but the gameplay lets down the impressive work done on the graphics and sound. For Bond die-hards only.

PlayStation 2
EA Games
Electronic Arts