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Half-Life 2

Valve's Doug Lombardi spills on Gordon Freeman in our exclusive interview, plus full review of Xbox HL2

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What would say you're most proud of in Half-Life 2 on Xbox?

Doug Lombardi: Shipping.

Do you have any plans at this stage to release multiplayer additions for Half-Life 2 on Xbox via Xbox Live?

Doug Lombardi: Nothing to announce at this time.

Half-Life 2: Aftermath is of course coming to PC shortly. Will you also be delivering this - and any potential further Half-Life 2 episodes planned - to Xbox? Or maybe Xbox 360?

Doug Lombardi: Time will tell.

Your games have lead on PC, but do you envisage this changing with the arrival of the next generation of consoles, and can we now expect all future Valve titles to appear on console as well as PC?


Doug Lombardi: Despite all the information-starved reports that the PC is dead as a platform, we're content with our PC business. However, we are making strides to bring both our games and the Source engine to the next generation consoles as well.

What's your impression of the next generation of consoles to date and are you able to tell us anything at this time about next-gen console projects you might be working on?

Doug Lombardi: Please ask me again in a few months.

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