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Ratchet: Gladiator

Not exactly Russell Crowe but Ratchet Gladiator is a smooth, quality shooter which you won't get bored of

It all starts off with you running around shooting things with a small gun. Then the things get bigger and your guns get bigger, then your guns get other bits bolted onto them and the things you shoot get bigger still. This is pretty much what happens all the way through Ratchet: Gladiator.

After an hour or so of shooting things you get to drive and stomp around in robot things, which, of course, have even bigger guns, like infinite plasma fire and lockon auto-targeting stuff that fires vast unstoppable streams of homing death all about the place. Then you realise that even though you're just running around in circles shooting things, you're having lots of fun doing so.


And in case you haven't got enough firepower, you're accompanied by a couple of robots as you play. Wisecracking robots to be precise, but don't tut - they're funny. As ever, the Ratchet (and Clank) creators have shoehorned in a great plot full of entertaining characters, exceptional voice acting and more than the odd laugh. It's a pleasure to play, and for once you might actually look forward to the cut-scenes.

Your humorous robot assistants can be upgraded and controlled throughout the game, with Ratchet often ordering them in to fire off electro-magnetic weapons to take out gun turret shields, or running off into danger zones to throw switches while you lay down the covering fire. And it all sort of works! You can even play through it all co-operatively with a mate, thanks to a decent split-screen mode. It's just the sort of quality product we've come to expect from the makers of the Ratchet and Clank series.

Gladiator is a great game even though there's little else to do than run around and blast things that get exponentially huge from planet to planet, but it's blasting in such a smooth, quality style your brain has no time to get bored of it. Quality shooting.

The verdict

It's no mere cash-in sequel, this. Ratchet: Gladiator is all-out action, and non-stop fun-having in the extreme. A very cool little blaster.

PlayStation 2
Insomniac Games