Perfect Dark Zero

Rare's lead designer Chris Tiltson and storywriter Dale Murchie on the making of Xbox 360 launch icon Joanna Dark

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Chris Tilston: Yes. Essentially there are three main stock gadgets you can use in all the levels. Depending on which one you take on, you open up different routes. One is puzzle-based. One is based on tactile feedback from the rumble. They let the player approach the game in different ways, but they'll really show up when people try to get the high scores for the online rankings.

So what's in the future for Perfect Dark? What's next, Perfect Dark One?

[Both laugh]

Dale Murchie: What's next? Joanna goes on holiday so we can do some quiet 'research'. Please! And yeah, we started with Perfect Dark and we've just done Perfect Dark Zero, so where do we go next?

Chris Tilston: Perfect Dark Minus One? That's the logical next step.

Dale Murchie: No, let's shoot forward. I think there are a lot of things we can do next. Take a lot of things we've got in this game and take them further. Keep that variety and increase the sheer differences in the things you can do. The good thing is that because we've been able to tell the origin story everyone now knows who Jo is, so we can send her off around the world on all new adventures.

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