Capcom Classics remixed for PSP

New compilation offers PSP owners some intriguingly hot retro action including 1941 and Street Fighter

Capcom has announced a new retro arcade compilation for the PSP which will include 20 retro arcade classics, sauced up with the prospect of some hot wi-fi multiplayer action and bonus content.

Of course everyone likes to mine their own back catalogue nowadays and there have been PS2 compilations before, but Capcom's Classics Collection Remixed has some rare arcade gems of quality including classic scrolling shoot-'em-up 1941, the equally admirable Strider and of course original arcade sprite fighter erm Street Fighter. As well as multiplayer wi-fi - and frankly who wouldn't want to give Ken and Ryu a blast again on PSP - Capcom is also promising plenty of bonus material including remixed music and original artwork from the games.


Just in case you've forgotten some of those old retro cabinets, Capcom has provided brief descriptions of some of the highlights below and a March 2006 release is penned in for North America. We've spoken to Capcom already and a release over this way would also appear likely although it'll be some time after the American release, though it's all to be confirmed. Anyway, below is the the highlights plus some additional screens are scattered around for your viewing pleasure.

Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

o 1941 - A vertical shooter that challenges player to shoot down enemy fighters, buildings, ships andvehicles.

o Avengers - A unique top down, vertically scrolling beat 'em up has players roving through the
gang riddled streets of Paradise City in search of the ring leader who has taken hostages.

o Block Block - An innovative twist to the block breaking genre, Block Block features a two player co-op mode, allowing for the cooperative destruction of blocks. Also unique to this title was the constantly shrinking paddle that forced player to finish each board as quickly as possible.

o Captain Commando - Following in the footsteps of several great side-scrolling brawler titles, this four player co-op game tracks the adventures of four intergalactic space rangers who must enforce peace throughout the galaxy.

o Magic Sword - An intense side-scrollinggame that takes players through 50 levels of the ominous Dragon Tower in order to defeat the evil Drokkmar.

o Quiz and Dragons - The most innovative quiz game of its time which features integrated RGP style gameplay. Taking place on a virtual board game, players would roll the dice to determine their progression. A battle would ensue if characters landed on an enemy. Knowledge is power as quizzes are provided with each confronted challenger. Answering correctly is a strike against the enemy. A wrong answer is a strike against the player.


o Street Fighter - The game that started the entire fighting phenomenon and created a generation of video game brawlers. The first Capcom fighting game only had two playable characters, Ken and Ryu, who would travel the world to compete in martial arts tournaments.

o Strider - An inventive action platform game that follows Strider Hiryu who must save the earth from the clutches of the evil Grandmaster Meio and his minions.

o Three Wonders - A compilation of three games in one that covered three different genres: horizontal scrolling platformer (Midnight Wanders), horizontal scrolling shooter (Chariot) and a puzzle game (Don't Pull).

o Varth - A scrolling aerial vertical shooter that has players in the cockpit of a plane firing shots on the offensive or defensive.