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Eidos does H.O.R.S. for (Blood) Money

Hitman Online Ranking System kicks off search for the world's deadliest assassin. "Grand prize" up for grabs

Agent 47's latest operation Hitman: Blood Money is to feature the Hitman Online Ranking System (affectionately known as H.O.R.S.) which will allow you to check your assassination aplomb against other players on both a regional and worldwide level.

According to Eidos, H.O.R.S. will rank players in a number of different and continually evolving levels, which appears to mean that different styles of mission execution (e.g. a stealth approach or bullet-spraying mayhem) will all be taken into account by the system and crunched up by a data machine (probably a little monkey) and spewed out.

The ranking system features a number of different categories too with Eidos so far revealing that Highest Paid, Most Wanted, Fastest, Most Accurate, Create the Most Accidents and the Best Hitman will be covered.

H.O.R.S. league tables will actually be displayed in-game and apparently all players will be rewarded for competing online, as the best Hitman is tracked down. And it's all tied in with a competition as well (the competition's for console players only) with a "grand prize", which is to be revealed at a later date, to be presented to the most lethal player around.

Holy slap-headed kill shots! Hitman: Blood Money is due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox next Spring.