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Capcom Classics Collection

Another pleasing train departs for retroville and sprite based side-scrolling heaven

AND SO the back catalogues keep rolling in! This month sees the release of Capcom Classics Collection, a 20-thick bundle of old-skool beauties that not only takes you right back to the 'olden days', but proves that most of Capcom's early games were variations on a side-scrolling theme. With the exception of Street Fighter II, SFII: Champion Edition, SFII: Hyper Fighting, and, erm, Pirate Ship Jigemaru, all of the games are scrollers - whether they go up the screen (1942, Commandos, Mercs, Exed Exes, etc) or across the screen (Final Fight, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Section Z, and Trojan), there's little real variety on offer. The only other game that tinkers with the scrolling genre is Forgotten Worlds, which - get this - goes both across AND up the screen.


Until this collection came along, you wouldn't have noticed much of Capcom's formative years were spent scadoodling from left to right and so forth, so seeing them bunched together takes the sheen off their old-skool appeal a little. The fact many of them appear to be SNES conversions, not the proper arcade versions, also seems a little cheeky. But savour these one at a time rather than devouring them all in an afternoon, and you'll find this to be another pleasant trip to retroville.

If you like Capcom retro action you may also be interested to learn of a newly announced Capcom Classics Remixed Collection for PSP, first details of which we reported yesterday

The verdict

The second-best games collection we've played. The same game with different sprites, and every one a classic (nearly)!

Beat 'em Up, Action