Perfect Dark Zero download content revealed

Stellar Xbox 360 shooter to get downloadable maps and multiplayer modes... for free!

Perfect Dark Zero. It's rare (ho ho) that a game gets us this excited - you know you have an insatiable bond with a videogame when you're drooling over a keyboard considering the euphoria of its download content.

Microsoft's Ken Lobb, creator of the most 'unlethal' gun in Goldeneye 007, has revealed that Rare's Xbox 360 shooter will be recieiving a plethora of new content on Xbox Live - and it will all be free of charge to download. Coming soon for PDZ are two new gameplay modes - Scenarios and Counter-Operative, both Perfect Dark N64 favourites.

The former is basically a set of missions that put you in specialised situations, for example playing head to head against a team of high-difficulty bots. The Counter-Operative mode is more interesting. It's simular to co-op mode except the second player actually takes control of the enemies in the game, and can try to kill our hero as she tries to complete the single-player mission. Both modes will support Xbox Live play.

In addition, players will be treated to the occasional map pack, although you'll have to hand over your hard-earned cash for those. Perfect Dark Zero is released on December 2 over here, alongside the Xbox 360.