Lots of Americans play Mario Kart online

Them there US peeps really like shunting each other up the exhaust over the internet

Nintendo of America, the American arm of Nintendo, based in America, near Canada, has released early figures on the initial online take-up of its wi-fi service by gamers who've purchased Mario Kart DS.

It's all looking mighty impressive too, with the company claiming that over 45 percent of people who snapped up the game have now taken the game online. Of the 112,000 copies sold, over 52,000 racers have apparently been using the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection service to show off their driving prowess.

Also, if this weekend's experience is anything to go by, at least two thirds of that number have made it their life's ambition to absolutely kick our arses at the bloody game. Still, 45 percent's an impressive number of punters for a week's work. Well done Nintendo!

Europeans who don't have import fever will be able to get their hands on Mario Kart DS this Friday, November 25, when the Nintendo Wi-fi Service is also officially unveiled in this territory.

We'll have full coverage of the game (which is great, incidentally) near the end of the week - and keep your eyes pinned open for news of the first official CVG Mario Kart DS wi-fi kick-around which we'll be organising just as soon as we move offices and work out what we've done with our computers.