Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

If it's true that you're only as good as your last game, then Ten Hammers will be immense

Since the first instalment of this squad based real-time tactical action game burst onto the scene last summer and surprised everyone with its originality, gritty presentation and stunning gameplay and graphics, Pandemic has been busy crafting the perfect follow-up. Originally due for release before the year's end, Ten Hammers is now on target to strike early next year.

Once again, the weight of war is on your shoulders. As squad leader you must co-ordinate the actions of multiple squads (choose from US light infantry squads, the US Rangers and multinational coalition forces), shooting as many people in the process as possible. Your grey matter will be in overdrive as you control the direction they fire in, tell them where to take cover and what weapons to use in a variety of situations. Trivia fans might like to know that the original was actually used to train US soldiers. That doesn't mean that if you're good at the game you'll be good at real-life war, though.


In keeping with the game's theme of 'real war', all weapons and items have been modeled on real-world military weaponry. Look out for incredibly realistic machine gun, grenade launcher and sniper rifle noises. When you're pinned in a corner and realise that Rambo isn't coming to pull you out, you can call in strikes from helicopter gunships and mortar stations.

Pandemic Studios is also responsible for Star Wars Battlefront, Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans, all of which are quality games (check out our Reviews index). If it's true that you're only as good as your last game, then Ten Hammers should be great.