F.E.A.R. our SDK!

SDK released and post launch support announced for the gun porn first-person shooter

Cracking into slow motion and shooting people into winding cartwheels of death never gets old, and now with the release of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Vivendi's horror shooter F.E.A.R., it never will.

From today the community surrounding Monolith's PC FPS can start feverishly working away on their own maps and mods, creating an everlasting flow of content to feed our rampant desire for slow-motion run n' gun action.

Vivendi Games, publisher of F.E.A.R., also announced today a new deal to bring Punkbuster anti-cheat software into the game, halting those pesky cheaters from continuing their mischevious business. New multiplayer maps and game types are also planned for 2006, along with a 'vote kick' option, presumably to get rid of anyone creating havoc or being especially annoying in your multiplayer game.

For more information on Punkbuster check out the company's website, to grab the F.E.A.R. SDK visit and get modding now!