Resi Evil DS screens scared up

Zombies sink their teeth into DS's neck and rip out its jugular in a spray of screenshot gore

During our time on the job we've handled a fair bit of scary stuff - including a stinky old sock we discovered an ex-staffer had left in their desk drawer along with a half eaten pie - but it probably all pales in comparison to playing Resident Evil on DS. Rumours of the handheld version were running amok in the summer, then it got confirmed and now screenshots have shuffled out from the darkly lit pantry, dropping bits of skin and gore.

It's called Resident Evil: Deadly Silence on DS (Resident Evil: DS - geddit?) and is a remake of the very first Resi game, but obviously making use of the handheld's unique touch-screen action for puzzle solving and combat. Expect a greater emphasis on action in this version compared to its original outing, with many of the puzzles in the game also said to be being revamped to make it nearly all-new and shiny.


Oh, and word is that zombies will now chase you through doors and stuff - but the kiss they give when they catch you will be far from pleasant, we're sorry to say. Plus, there'll be wireless multiplayer for two to four players with Co-op and Versus modes included.

Enjoy the new shots.