X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse

The X-Men team up with arch enemies the Brotherhood to battle nefarious megalomania Apocalypse

Comic books play with your head. Just when you think you've got things sussed, they go and turn things upside down. Take X-Men Legends II: Rise Of The Apocalypse - in the previous game, the X-Men and the Brotherhood hated each other's toxic guts, but now the two mutant factions have decided to work together to defeat the despised megalomaniac Apocalypse.

The action is much the same as before, with you controlling a party of four superheroes and villains from a top-down perspective. The twist is the combination of former enemies you choose from to make up your group: 16 in total, including old favourites Wolverine, Magneto and Professor Xavier, with three secret characters to unlock at the end.


Rise Of The Apocalypse has obviously been designed with multiple players in mind, on and offline, but the single-player mode is not to be sniffed at. Computer-controlled characters can all have attributes and skills altered to suit defensive or attacking styles of play, and the number-fiddling is extended into role-playing territory to allow each team-member to be levelled up. Characters can be quickly cycled through with the D-pad, and a quick squeeze of the shoulder buttons unleashes, say, Cyclops' power beam or Storm's lightning attack. Combos are plentiful, and certain obstacles require a certain ability to overcome them, adding that bit more depth to proceedings.

Rise Of The Apocalypse shows great attention to detail, with genuinely exciting gameplay. Even for an occasional Marvel fan, this is more than worthy of your time.

The verdict

After the recent raft of superhero dross, this carries on X-Men Legends' good work of late. The best Marvel game about at the moment.

PlayStation 2
Action, RPG