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Darwinia evolves

Introversion Software's Steam-bound, retro-arcade inspired genre bender preps up for online multiplayer mayhem

Introversions Software's description-defying Darwinia released to frothing critical acclaim earlier this year. However, public awareness remained pretty slim thanks to the game's download-only distribution and minimal US exposure. As a result, Introversion narrowly escaped bankruptcy thanks to poor sales.

However, the company has recently announced a deal to distrubute the game via Valve's Steam service and is currently building awareness across North America in anticipation of the title's release. In the running up to the game's Steam-based launch on December 14, website The Steam Review has chatted with Introversion's accounts, ports and localisations man, Tom Arundel.


First up, it looks like the company isn't going to rest on its laurels as Darwinia's Steam launch approaches. Arundel explains that Introversions has plans for "lots of PR. Money spent on PR is always better spent when you can capture attention. We're a bit off the wall and represent a bit more than just a machine that spits out games every 2 months."

Furthermore, as awareness for the game builds, Introversion is planning further expansions to Darwinia's functionality. Most interesting is the promise of online multiplayer making use of the distribution services matchmaking facilities: "We have design docs for a multiplayer version of Darwinia - we're currently scheduling the work / release. We also have a new multiplayer game coming out in Spring that we'll be talking more about in the new year."

With promise of more Introversion titles in the works, it looks like the company's confidence in the success of Darwinia this time around is strong, which should be heartening for fans of the developer's frequently left-field offerings. "Well, you'd like to think that at least some of those 6 million existing customers would be interested in the game!" notes Arundel, "We also expect some new customers to sign up to Steam in order to buy Darwinia."

We wish Introversion Software all the best and thoroughly recommend you all investigate Darwinia - particularly if you're into bonkers, retro-arcade inspired plot-driven, sort-of-strategy, shooty-type action. Did we mention Darwinia is description-defying?