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Call of Duty 2 fans target Infinity Ward

Fans up in arms over lack of details on planned support for the FPS, threaten retribution if demands aren't met

An irate Call of Duty 2 fan is calling on the CoD community to take action if a list of demands focussing on future support for the game and the series aren't met by developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision.

ButchCassidy (not the Butch Cassidy we imagine) has posted an angry tirade on Infinity Award's official forums with a request that the two companies release an official statement "regarding their future support for the Call of Duty series of games on or before 16th December 2005".

Apparently, lack of communication from Infinity Ward and Activision with the CoD mod and mapping community is the key area that's caused the anger and frustration to bubble to the surface, but in particular, the poster demands that the following questions are addressed (quoted here as is from the post):

  1. When will you include an Anti-Cheat system for COD2?
  2. When you you release your 1st patch for COD2?
  3. What will it include?
  4. What other plans have you for the support of the Call of Duty Games?
  5. What will you do to ensure this situation does not arise again?
"Failure to comply with this very simple request", continues ButchCassidy, "will result in the following action: We will actively encourage ALL Clans, Leagues, Ladders, Players, Admins and server providers to enforce a series of 24hr mass server shutdowns of all Call of duty games at a time of our choosing."

He later adds that "If no statement arrives from either Activision or Infinty [sic] Ward on or before midnight 16th December 2005" then the 'action day' will be December 17, 2005, at 6pm (your local time). "You may either shutdown or lockdown your server with a secure password. All servers will remain 'down' or Locked for 24hrs. The blackout will end on 18th December 2005 at 6pm your local time."

"Don't take this lightly, word spreads, people won't buy a broken toy. This has never been done before and do you really want to go down as the first and only companies to have it's client/fan base take such drastic measures in order to simply be given some regular information about a product, the choice is yours alone," ButchCassidy says in the forum post.

The post (of which the resulting thread currently runs to 20 pages in length) has been pretty much met with a healthy round of applause by those fans who have replied, many promising to take part in the server strike action should it go ahead. Neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have issued a response so far but the mounting support for the action may well pressure either or both companies into addressing the demands being made.