New light shed on Stainless Steel's demise

Reports suggest Midway funding issues with Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War may have led to Stainless Steel's downfall

A large axe descending on development funding may have lead to Stainless Steel Studios' demise.

It recently emerged that the studio has shut its doors, but the developer was less than willing to discuss the road to closure. However, new reports are stating that Midway was none too pleased at the prospect of throwing any more money at development of Stainless Steel's RTS Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War after October.

If true, this may well have been the key factor behind the studio's downfall.

According to Stainless Steel Studios, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War was rapping knuckles on completion's door, which to everyone in the entire world - apart from Midway - would make Midway's action rather surprising. But perhaps an official statement from Midway on the unfortunate episode will clear the smoke surrounding the event and remove us all from the realm of speculation.

Midway refused to comment on Stainless Steel's closure and Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War's future when contacted earlier, but did suggest we can expect something official from the company on the matter next Monday.