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Prey trailer sinks teeth into Xbox 360

Human Head's Doom 3-engine powered FPS goes native (American) - ho ho - in promising new footage

We reckon Prey has plenty of promise pumping through its veins going by what we've seen of it so far, with some sweet gameplay ideas piquing interest and cheekily tickling our excitement receptors. In short, our hands are sweating pints at the prospect of caressing the first-person shooter; but until that opportunity arises, we're gazing longingly at a new trailer from the Xbox 360 version (it's also heading to PC) of the FPS that's been released. You can download the movie from the link below.

In development at Human Head Studios with the Doom 3 engine its beating heart, Prey follows the plight of Cherokee garage mechanic Tommy as he battles alien aggressors in an attempt to save his skin, his missus and planet Earth itself. Tommy's extraterrestrial adventure begins when he's abducted onto an alien mothership orbiting our world. Mankind's very existence is at stake and this is the catalyst that awakens Tommy's long forgotten spiritual powers to help battle the alien menace. We can also exclusively reveal that it features doors that look like bumholes.

Prey movie
Download here (14.1Mb, WMV)