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Too Human

Play cybernetic god Baldur charged with defending mankind from monstrous AI war machines, all powered by Unreal Engine 3

In the first instalment of Microsoft's action epic, you play the role of cybernetic god Baldur. Unwillingly taking up the mantle of mankind's protector, you must defend your lessers from monstrous AI war machines that are hell bent on the eradication of all human life. Ranged against the terrifying army of Mechas and cybernetic bug swarms are your enhanced skills, with plenty of projectile and close-combat weapons including deadly laser-swords.

Developer Silicon Knights' in-depth battle system promises so much more than a hack 'n' slash mechanic. Combining melee and firearms combat, you'll have to discover the fatal flaws of each foe you come across in order to survive. Find their Achilles heel and attack it! The combat system makes it simple to pull off beautifully animated combos from the start, but these evolve into complex chains requiring the mastery of lightning-fast reflexes as you get deeper into the game.

1 ARMY OF ONE: Futuristic menaces call for a futuristic army
that packs a punch. Expect to see these towering personnel
carriers carrying the sort of manpower you’ll need to back
you up in the fi eld. Just because they’ve got a god on their
side doesn’t mean humanity is going to sit out this fi ght.

Matching the incredible-looking Gears of War for sheer graphical 'wow' content, Too Human's scale of design is also powered by the Unreal Engine 3. Just take a look at the stunning in-game shots on these pages; they really show off the Xbox 360's awesome power. Too Human seems to pull away from the dark and spooky screens of Quake 4 to generate an even more organic and dynamically lit atmosphere. And as you'd expect from such an epic game, it's backed up with the promise of a full-blooded orchestral score.

By the story's end, Baldur's battles will have stretched across three titles (it's too huge a concept for one game). We expect annual releases of the sequels, with intermediary downloads of microcontent through the new Xbox Live Marketplace. Nice.