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Ninety Nine Nights slips

Mizuguchi's epic new Xbox 360 RPG is delayed until the new year, causing a bit of ripple in the Japanese launch programme

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's splendid looking 360 RPG Ninety Nine Nights has been officially put back into spring 2006, causing something of a hole in the 360's line up over in the Far East. We first reported this may be the case last month but now it's a cast in stone certainty.

How do we know? Well from Mizuguchi-san himself, as he was recently talking to Famitsu Xbox 360 and revealed that he'd put the release on hold to make sure the game debuts as it is meant to be seen, rather than release a version which was in any way premature.

NNN was originally slated for a January debut, but it seems Mizuguchi reckons gamers will actually appreciate the delay to ensure they get a version of the highest quality, which is a fair enough point we suppose.

Mizuguchi also revealed that NNN is currently about 80 percent complete and that his team are currently working on AI refinements and making the game's vast armies behave in a much more natural way.

No word when we can expect NNN to hit these shores but you've got to say it will probably be mid next year on current form. Still, you can console yourself by dipping into our previous coverage of the game, which includes movies, news and an interview with Q Entertainment's Sang Youn Lee.