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Jazzy Jeff gets fresh about 360

Producer and DJ Jazzy Jeff talks about why he's so jazzed about Xbox 360 and getting hands on the launch games

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Jazzy Jeff: Well, yeah! But you know, it's the timing at the moment. I've just pulled my studio down... my old studio... and moved to a new place. So at the moment I'm trying to do everything, I'm trying... but what I want is for you to hear a ton of Jazzy Jeff stuff on all of the games coming up.

As you know, you can rip music onto your Xbox 360 hard drive. Are there any choice tunes you've got lined up to put on your new machine?

Jazzy Jeff: Well, I can tell you it's going to be good music for a start. But it's really going to depend on what I'm playing at the time, because I want the music to accent what I'm playing at that moment. So I'll have a particular set of tunes picked for all my sports games. But if I'm going to be able do that... oh man, this is going to be great.

Being from a background heavily invested in hip hop, what are your impressions of the genre as it is today?

Jazzy Jeff: I think hip hop has got so wide and so broad now that it represents all genres. Hip hop really started out as black music, a way of expression, DJ cutting breaks and Mcs rhyming. But for it to grow to something worldwide is amazing.

How do you think the scene has changed over the years?

Jazzy Jeff: I guess the biggest thing is the upheaval. I would never have thought that two turntables and a mixer and playing hip hop to people would grow so big. And to watch that grow from its infancy stage to what it is now, well, it's just incredible.

So what is next on the agenda for Jazzy Jeff? Obviously apart from trying to win the NBA season...

Jazzy Jeff: Well, I'm going to take off in December for about five or six months and try to make about three or four new records. I've just built a brand new recording studio so I've really got a lot to do... I'll probably turn into a bit of a mad scientist, sitting in the studio, playing my new Xbox 360 games between the recording sessions.


Jazzy Jeff proves that he really is a master when it comes to turning the tables...

Jazzy: So what music are you going to be putting onto your Xbox 360? If you don't mind me saying, you don't look like you'll be putting on any hip hop tunes...

Us: You'd be surprised actually. I'm the same as you; I'd rip music that would fi t into the game I'm playing at that moment in time. I don't think a round of golf in Tiger Woods 2006 would benefi t from a heavy metal soundtrack!

Jazzy: Well, you've heard me talking about the new NBA game, so how about you? What you going to be picking up?

Us: NHL 2K6 is definitely on there. I wish there was a mode on there to play with the UK League. I'm sure the Belfast Giants could win the Championship trophy if I was in control! Also, I need some green pixie action, so Kameo will be on the list.

Jazzy: Any music packages coming out for Xbox 360? Maybe a turntable add-on?

Us: There's one built into it, Neon, which allows to you experiment with the music you're listening to in real time. After that? I'm sure there's a market for it already. Look at Dance Dance Revolution etc. I'd say this time next year there'll be some package that'll let you get creative.

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