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Win! Mario Kart DS and a Wi-fi dongle!

Rev up your DS with Nintendo's amazing racer AND take it online!

We've already soiled our loins in admiration of Nintendo's latest Mario Kart offering on DS, as you might have spotted if you checked out our stupefyingly sizeable review last week.

In celebration of the game's release last Friday - and because we love each and everyone of you - we've teamed up with Nintendo to give one lucky reader a copy of the game to wine, dine and nuzzle when the lights go out. But that's not all! Because we know lots of you have been having trouble getting your hands on Nintendo's beautifully simple PC Wi-fi USB Connector dongle, we're going to chuck in one of those too. Given how rare those dongles are right now, we'd strongly suggest you get cracking on your entry.


All you need do to win is answer the really-not-very-difficult question below correctly and we'll draw the winner's name out of our giant spandex tombola pants. Furthermore, as we're literally dizzy with Mario Kart love at the moment, twenty runners-up will each get a Mario Kart DS bumper sticker thing - ideal for emblazoning across previously less Kartastic surfaces.

Good luck, and we'll see you online!