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de_nuke strikes Counter-Strike: Source

New map released for terrorist/counter-terrorist combat that features High Dynamic Range lighting!

Only yesterday we were wondering what had happened to forthcoming Counter-Strike: Source map de_nuke after Valve Software released a new level for Day of Defeat: Source and, as if by magic, it suddenly appears (for our younger readers, that latter bit's a reference to old kids TV programme Mr Ben, who is actually currently starring in Eastenders). As per usual, the new map will be downloaded when you restart your Steam client.

de_nuke is a Source-d up version of the original classic CS map and Valve has also whipped out its High Dynamic Range lighting paint brush to spruce things up. The level's release is accompanied by enhancements and bug fixes for CS: Source as well as changes to Counter-Strike: Source Bot. A list of what's been tweaked can be found here.