New R6: Lockdown PC screens deployed

It's not quite a pot of gold we've found but, well, it's still surely a treasure to fans of the series

Last time Ubisoft dropped us a line about Rainbow Six: Lockdown, it was keen to indicate new features that set the title apart from the already released console versions of the tactical shooter sequel. Which is fair enough we guess as the PC iteration doesn't zip-line in until early 2006, it's only right that PC fanboys get to dabble with a little something extra. See, Ubi cares about you all really.

Anyway, new screenshots dropped into our in-box a little earlier so here they are splurged across this page. And you'll also notice we've been provided with some handy descriptive information on what each screenshot shows off. Hurrah. Oh, and just in case you didn't know, this latest instalment in the series sees Team Rainbow tackling the threat of bio-terrorism and, rather worryingly, during the course of the action it finds itself targeted by some very naughty people indeed.