Final Fantasy Potion spills into real world

Sick of getting slapped around by weird plant creatures? Try 'potion' for that uplifting feeling you need

A unique story hit the interweb last week, prompting Final Fantasy fanboys to get a little excited. Was the news anything to do with another Final Fantasy VII spin-off? A release date for Final Fantasy XII? Nope.

A new drink, courtesy of Square Enix and Suntory - an Asia-based drinks brand called 'Potion'. Based on the life-rejuvenating tipple present in almost every RPG to date, Potion will contain various herbs and spices, to add to the caffeine, eleven types of sugar and fizzy water they'll probably carbonate it with.

We're waiting for the day we can put out order in at our local importer, but till then, we'll dream of days when they come up with a Pheonix Down drink that can reanimate the dead.