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Halo movie "hopefully won't suck"

A surprisingly candid Peter Jackson talks about his hopes for the forthcoming Halo movie

Microsoft clearly scored a bit of a coup at X05 this year, when it finally revealed that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson would be taking producer duties for its forthcoming Halo movie.

Now, with a script complete, the producer in place and whispers spreading across the internet that Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro may well be at the helm for Master Chief's silver screen debut, everything seems to be coming together.

So what are Jackson's predictions for his own entry in the interminably dire videogame movie adaptation genre? Well, speaking to, the one-time zombie meister explained: "Hopefully it won't suck."

Which is good news for Halo fans everywhere, we're sure you'll agree! Jackson also indictated that no final decision on a director has yet been made - despite the aforementioned internet gossip - and that the movie will begin filming next year. And why isn't Jackson going behind the camera himself this time around? "I want a break. I want to have the fun but not the hard work. I just want to be part of the creative team but not actually have the pain."

What with some of us in the office being big fans of the Halo series (while others who may or may not be writing this now haven't played the games and really have no inclination to), we're all giddy with the prospect of a Halo film which possibly won't suck. Hooray!