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New Unreal Engine 3 game for Xbox Live Arcade

Live Arcade not just a retro gaming cash-in platform, but a place to release legitimate retail-standard contemporary titles

No soon after we were awed by the excellence that is Xbox Live Arcade and the fine choice of online-adapted classics on offer - Gauntlett, Geometry Wars and Smash TV for instance - Naked Sky Entertainment announced its desire to place an Unreal Engine 3 developed game on the online content delivery system Spring of next year.

Rpboblitz described as "a fast-paced action game featuring puzzle-solving and unique physics-based weapons", the game boasts more than 15 levels, where you play as a robot who is tasked with saving his factory from 'invading mechanical brains'.

Combining "imaginative design" with Ageia PhysX and Unreal Engine 3 tech, the game will be downloadable on the Xbox Live Arcade service for Xbox 360 only next spring. Despite containing Unreal Engine 3, the download will apparently be a modest 50MB.

It seems online games distribution has been somewhat of a silent success, with sources in the industry claiming that Rag Doll Kung Fu on Steam sold over 150,000 copies at $20 a pop. A retail PS2 disc selling this much would often be considered a failure, but since there were no disc printing, retail or distribution costs, the game made money. A lot of money. Are people starting to realise that digital distribution is the future? Only time will tell...