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Animal Crossing hits the World Wild Web

Animal Crossing: Wild World bursts onto US shelves and a whizzy new website appears to taunt us waiting Europeans

We're already very excited about the prospect of getting our hands on Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nintendo's DS iteration of its brilliant, um, village simulator.

While both our US and Japanese cousins can nip to their locals stores and pick up a copy already, we've still got a bit of a wait ahead here in Europe, with the game currently scheduled for release over here on March 31 next year.

However, if you're craving for more juicy AC nuggets, the official US website has now hoisted mast and is sailing across the good ship internet in bouyant splendour. As well as the full low-down on the various characters you'll meet and places you can visit in your unique village, there's information on the game's new features including the groovy random message-in-a-bottle and of course, the all important Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service functionality.

If you don't think you'll be able to last these long dark winter nights without some DS Animal Crossing loving, you could always do the sensible thing and treat yourself to an early Christmas present. The US version of the game will be compatible with the Euro release so you've absolutely no excuse not to strap on your jaunty import hat.