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Metroid Prime 3 screen?

New alleged Metroid Prime 3 Revolution pic emerges - but is it genuine or fishier than a Kipper's bathing costume?

August? Forget it, December is the real silly season with all manner of strange and peculiar intrusions into the normally throbbing games news agenda.

Morphing our way this morning comes what many are claiming to be an actual screenshot of Metroid Prime 3 for Nintendo's Revolution. Is it real or the fevered work of some teenage fanboy Photoshop wizard? Well, we like to keep an open mind on these things, but our resident Nintendo experts are stroking their beards, consulting the runes and saying a very firm 'nay'.

Why? Well although it does have a morphing ball, very few such things manage to sneak out by accident on Nintendo's watch, so we reckon it's a highly unlikely though rather stylish homage. Still a nice idea and if Nintendo manages to get the Revolution cranking out such graphical splendour, we'll all be dancing in Happy Street. Will the Rev's graphics be able to match the looks of the screen on display? Well check out this story to see what Nintendo might have in store.


Also let us know what you think in the forum below - let the rabid speculation commence.