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Dance Factory puts spin on dance mat genre

Put any music CD you want in your PS2 and the game spits out the moves. Now that's magic

Codemasters boffins have come up with a new angle on the dance mat genre. It's a PS2 exclusive called Dance Factory, and here's the hook: you can whack any music CD you want into the console and the game magically transfers the beats into moves on your telly that you can pull off on a dance mat! Genius! We wonder if you stuck a porn DVD in whether you could gyrate to the rhythms and cries of ecstasy...?

Anyway, Codemasters reckons this is "the ultimate dance game", and apparently works with everything from classic disco to rock and R&B. Numerous play modes are being included - including Fitness mode if you need to shed a few wobbly bits - and there's mention of it unlocking creatures that lurk on your music CDs and enticing them to dance along with you. No, we don't really get that either, but it sounds great.


Plus, if the blood of creativity pumps through your veins, then dance a jig for Recorder mode that allows you to set your very own dance moves for a track of your choosing. You can then play it back and dance along to see if what you've created can induce a heart attack.

Dance Factory releases in April 2006 in Europe and North America.