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Fog lifts on Silent Hill movie

Official Silent Hill movie website hits the 'net and a nasty new trailer creeps out of the darkness

Silent Hill 2 is hands down one of our favourite games ever. And that's largely thanks to the bleak, suffocating atmosphere that pervades the title - even in its slower moments - and its strangely moving, if utterly impenetrable, tale of love, loss and horrifying madness in what's blatantly the world's worst holiday destination.

News that the series was set to be the latest in a long line of games to get the Hollywood treatment was met with excited trepidation here at CVG towers then. While an ever increasing collection of adaptation travesties has all but eroded our hope of ever seeing a great game turned into a great movie, Silent Hill seemed as good a choice as any game if we had to pick an adaptation Most Likely to Succeed. Mainly because of the series' strongly defined internal logic and the fact that all four games have actually had a proper plot and everything. We're looking at you here Doom.

With director Christophe Gans, who also helmed Brotherhood of the Wolf, increasingly sounding like he understands that its the game's constantly oppressive mood and perverse psycho-sexual undertones that really make Silent Hill such a chilling experience in recent interviews, our dreams of a decent movie have been bolstered massively.

Now though, a brand new teaser trailer has hit the 'net via the movie's official website and, well, we really couldn't be feeling any giddier with excitement and - admittedly - mild revulsion. If you're a fan of the Silent Hill series, we strongly suggest you check it out right now...

Silent Hill movie teaser
Download here (1.17Mb, WMV)