Loads of people love Nintendo Wi-fi!

A whole bunch of people take their DSs online with Nintendo's Wi-fi Connection Service

Nintendo has today announced that over 200,000 unique users worldwide have used the company's brand new Wi-fi Connection Service since its US launch on November 14.

That's an awful lot of people taking Mario Kart online in other words - apparently over 45 percent of DS owners who've picked up the game, according to the company. In fact, Nintendo also claims that it has logged over three million connections from around the world so far.

With Mario Kart DS, Tony Hawk's Sk8land and Animal Crossing already making use of the service across the globe, it seems pretty apparent that those figures are set to rise. Hopefully too, with such apparent success for Nintendo's forray into online gaming, we'll start to hear news of future titles - beyond Metroid Prime Hunters - that are set to exploit the company's Wi-fi Connection Service.