Del Toro confirms interest in Halo flick

Director admits he's been approached by Peter Jackson - but no commitments have been made yet

Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed rumour circulating earlier this week that he's been approached by the Halo movie's executive producer Peter Jackson with a view to handling directorial duties on the flick.

According to a report on, Del Toro views the Halo movie as an interesting project because, in his words, "it's so full of monsters" and describes directing the movie as "a big temptation". However, for the director it's Hellboy 2 versus Halo. Production of Hellboy 2 apparently has yet to receive the green light with budget hanging a question mark over the movie's development, but if it gets the go ahead it appears this, for Del Toro, will take precedent.

Nevertheless, Del Toro's by no means removing himself entirely from possible involvement with the Halo movie at this stage. He says that he's been "in talks" with Jackson, Bungie and Universal Studios about the film. "The ideal for me would be to do Hellboy 2 and if Halo doesn't go away, then yeah, I'd love to do both", he said, although adding the 'but' that "it may go to somebody else. We'll see."