Commandos: Strike Force invades the 'net

Eidos launches official web home for the FPS spin-off from Pyro's strategy-puzzle series

We're a bit annoyed. When loading up Eidos' new Commandos: Strike Force website, of all the national flags denoting the various localised versions of the site available, the Union Jack appeared last. Bah. It reminded us of the Olympic Games really, that great time when British TV sports correspondents proudly announce that a Brit athlete has come eighth in a race but purposefully turning a blind eye to the fact that there were only actually eight people in the race to being with.

Anyway, we digress a little. Yes, Eidos has launched the official internet home for Strike Force, the FPS spin-off from Pyro's strategy-puzzle series. Set in war-torn Europe, Commandos Strike Force finds players conducting missions behind enemy lines in Norway, France and Russia. The strike force of the title consists of the Green Beret, Sniper and Spy from Pyro Studio's strategy games and players will be able to take control of each character and utilise their particular strengths to successfully complete objectives.

There's all sorts on the site, ranging from media to weapons info, details on the characters and more. Check it all out if you're the type of person who likes going commando.