Third Project Zeroes in on Europe

Part three of Tecmo's superb survival horror series on its way to Europe, courtesy of Take-Two

As much as we love our Resi's and Silent Hills, we still reckon the creepiest series of recent years has been Tecmo's superbly crafted, camera-based survival-horror Project Zero. Now, Take-Two Interactive, in conjunction with developer Tecmo, has announced that it's set to bring part three of the franchise (on PS2) to Europe on February 24 next year.

Also known as Fatal Frame State-side, the series is famed for it's disturbing, Japanese folklore-inspired subject matter, genuinely unsettling atmosphere and, of course, it's frantic and unusual camera combat.


Part three, known as Project Zero 3: The Tormented, unfolds something like this: "Rei Kurosawa, a cursed young woman tortured by guilt and plagued by dreams that blur the lines between reality and nightmares. Haunted by a vision of her dead fiancée, Rei is disturbed to discover a mysterious tattoo is spreading across her body."

Rei is apparently assisted by a young journalist named Kei Amakura, who helps our heroine uncover the secrets behind the haunted House of Sleep. In total, Project Zero 3 features three playable characters with unique characteristics which must be exploited to overcome various obstacles throughout the game.

Here's some more on the plot this time around! "The engrossing storyline and the increasingly disorientating flux between Rei's two states of reality - real life and nightmares - creates an unprecedented sense of uneasiness and fear. Evolved ghosts mean that the players' fight is more terrifying than ever, with spooks morphing into even more frightening shapes in front of their eyes."

Sounds suitably fearsome to us.