Should you shoot hoops with NBA 2K6 or EA's NBA Live 06 - go for the full three-pointer inside!

If you're the sort of person who really must buy a basketball game, then the question here is very simple: do you get this, or shell out an extra tenner on EA's NBA Live 06 . And the answer is? Well, it's hard to say.

As with NBA 2K6 above, it's clear from the get-go that the 2K Sports game is technically the superior of the two. That's mostly through design rather than any general quality issue, NBA 2K6 playing a more serious simulation form of the sport where Electronic Arts treads an increasingly arcade line in its own NBA games - but genuine fans of the ball of B will get far more out of NBA 2K6 than they will with NBA Live 06.


NBA 2K6 is also far weightier on content, with training modes, street basketball, hordes of unlockables and a great single-player career mode. But in terms of visuals and sheer slickness of play EA's NBA Live 06 is a hands-down winner.

So once again, it's a case of EA providing the more instantly appealing game, while 2K Sports' commitment to depth of play and content just gives it the long-term edge. Want a real deciding factor? NBA 2K6 also has full Live support, something that mysteriously disappeared from NBA Live 06 just before it was released. Take your pick...

The verdict

More modes and options than NBA Live 06, but distinctly rougher around the edges. B-ball fans, your cup runneth over.

2K Sports