Mario and Luigi RPG in GMT!

Alpha Dream's superb RPG sequel hits Europe early next year - just in the nick of, um, time

If anyone tries to tell us that the GBA is dead, finally superseded by the mighty bundle of quirkiness that is the DS, then we put on our special frown faces and point to the heaping pile of quality titles in its back catalogue - many of which nobody seems to have bothered playing.

One of those titles which didn't do quite as fantastically well as we'd obviously like to see all utterly brilliant games do was Alpha Dream's sublime Mushroom Kingdom-inspired RPG, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Essentially portablising the superb gameplay mechanics of the Paper Mario series on N64 and GameCube, Superstar Saga offered a challenging, hilarious and genuinely entertaining slice of RPG action.

And where're we going with all this? Simple. Alpha Dream's DS sequel Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time recently hit US shelves and sees our favourite plumbing duo joined by Baby Mario and Luigi in a time-travelling escapade of mammoth proportions. What's more, Nintendo Europe has finally announced a European release date for the game.

Mario and Luigi is set to hit Europe on February 10 next year. Really, you should think about buying it this time.