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Medal of Honor Airborne parachutes onto 360?

Retail reports suggest that the unannounced Medal of Honor game might be heading to Xbox 360

Earlier this year we reported on strong industry rumours stating that a new Medal of Honor game subtitled 'Airborne' was heading to Playstation 3. This rumour seemingly refuses to die, and today it's resurfaced again but with news of additional deployment onto Xbox 360.

Adding further fuel to the fire, American retail reports nabbed by publication Gamers Reports are listing the title, which has yet to be officially announced, for release on Xbox 360 in November 2006. It was initially thought that the title would be a PS3 exclusive, but it seems that EA's running habit of multi-platform releases is to continue with the series.

Considering Medal of Honor's history as a multi-platform franchise, we're not surprised that it's now tipped for release on two next-gen consoles. All we have to do now is wait for the game to actually be confirmed by EA itself.