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Darwinia demo Steams in

Grab yourself the demo of the hotly tipped RTS-actioner from Valve's Steam digital distribution service

If you're yet to experience the artistic wonder of Darwinia, then you should give yourself a severe talking to. However thanks to the wonders of Valve's Steam delivery service you can now download a demo of the game to find out what you've been missing.

Darwinia from UK dev house Introversion, is a winning fusion of the RTS, puzzle and action genres and takes place inside a virtual theme park, where a computer virus is creating mischief and threatening the world's digital inhabitants with deletion.

Darwinia has already garnered multiple nominations for Best Independent and Best Strategy Game of the Year for 2005 and if you're yet to jump on the Steam bandwagon, you can grab yourself a copy of the digital distribution service from Steampowered website. Our advice? Treat yourself to a slice of Darwinia now.