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50 Cent: Bulletproof

Any cop, or complete dirty cash? Fiddy's gritty action game under fire

If we said this was rubbish, would we ever be able to walk down the street without looking over our shoulders every 30 seconds? A big black Humvee could thunder round the corner at any moment, crawl alongside us with its passenger window wound down...

Alright, we're getting carried away. It doesn't matter anyway because Bulletproof actually shapes up pretty well. Even if Fiddy's involvement with the game had
been non-existent, this would still be a decent third-person shooter; the fact that his
fingerprints (in the form of music and videos) are smeared all over it is a nice fat bonus. Panic over.


Bulletproof is one of the darkest video games around, with its combination of gritty storyline and moonlit night-time setting. In fact one of the bigger complaints with the game is that sometimes enemies simply can't be made out in the gloom, especially those taking pot shots from the rooftops. Much of the action is set in dingy alleyways and parking lots, and being sniped by an unseen heavy is annoyingly commonplace.

Cameos from Eminem, as crooked cop Bugs, and Dr Dre as arms specialist Grizz draw you further into Fiddy's world, and the G-Unit crew accompany you on most missions. They provide cover and specialist skills such as lock-picking, and as a result of the extra company the firefights get very hectic.

Cover is found either by taking gunmen hostage or grabbing hold of wheeled dumpsters. The wheeliebins can be slammed into enemies and gunmen can be gruesomely executed. In fact, gruesome is something this game does with some style. Countermoves see Fiddy lunge at anyone unfortunate enough to be within striking distance, disposing of them in increasingly elaborate and violent ways, with new moves being bought as progress is made.

Eyebrow-raising probably best sums it all up. We've no reason to be scared - but if we
saw the man himself, we'd still run.

The verdict

It's a good all-round package of Fiddy gaming, Fiddy music and Fiddy videos, but let down a touch by some Fiddly gameplay.

PlayStation 2