Rainbow Islands Revolution brightens up DS

Taito's classic 80's platformer gets the DS treatment in Rising Star's Rainbow Islands Revolution

If, like us, you're so old you can't leave the house without a walking stick and granny bag and you take secret glee in the fact that you always smell faintly of wee then you might just remember the Taito classic Rainbow Islands.

Following the platform antics of one boy and his critter-clobbering rainbow, the game's happy, bouncy demeanour was impossible to resist for all but the most steely-hearted. Now, Rising Star has announced that it's set to bring its update, Rainbow Islands Revolution, to DS in February next year.

Our friendly Rising Star PR man popped the game into the office today for a brief overview and it's looking like offering a fresh new take on the original, while retaining everything that made the first game such an old-skool favourite.


Utilising the same graphical style, islands and level layouts, the DS update sees main characters Bub or Bob now permanently suspeded in a floating bubble. Your job is to use the stylus to guide your charge to the peak of the vertical labyrinths, keeping them out of harm from obstacles and enemies. This time around, you can dispatch annoying opponents by drawing rainbows on-screen with your stylus and there's a number of special rainbows which have varying effects on enemies - for example, drawing a circle around a foe traps them in place ready for a quick jab while a triangle sucks the opposition into its centre.

Rainbow Islands DS also features a story mode, score mode and co-operative play, hopefully making this the definitive update to the legendary Taito classic.