Final Fight Streetwise: new screens

The classic beat 'em up franchise comes to PS2 and Xbox, but this time it's got street cred!

Final Fight: Streetwise lets you return to Metro City for the first time since the golden days of the Sega Saturn, but you'll soon notice that things are a bit more gangsta than they used to be...

The game puts you in the role of Kyle Travers, one of two brothers who clean un the neighborhood and generally lay the smacketh down on any wrong-dooers in town. Unfortunately, one day an underground gang turns up and kidnaps Kyle's brother, leaving it up to you to save the day.

As you can see from the freshly cropped screens we've provided, the game is looking pretty nice. But we're a sceptical bunch here and reserve judgement until we can get our hands on it in the flesh, and of course beat up enemy gangs with our home boys.

Final Fight: Streetwise hits store shelves early next year - get the knuckle-dusters ready.