Resident Evil: deadly movie

Head on inside for spooky new viewings of the stylus controlled Resident Evil remake

Get your styluses at the ready, because the most re-tooled survival horror game ever is resurfacing again for some dual-screened zombie action, and we've got a scary movie to show you.

The cleverly titled Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is another remake of the classic first Resident Evil title, this time taking advantage of the DS's unique features to slash-up zombies, clean blood of your screen and other touch-screen hijinks.

To view the aforementioned gameplay trailer you're going to have to head on over to the official Resident Evil DS website. After careful viewing of the movie we have decided that whilst the game is obviously visually lacking compared to the luscious Gamecube remake, we cant wait to jump in and start dynamically knifing zombies.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence stumbles its way in to stores early next year, we're sure you can find plenty of DS gaming gold to occupy you until then.