R6: Lockdown snipes PC in new footage

Plenty of Special Forces action squeezed into a minute of gameplay footage. Watch lots of people get shot

Well, if you're a fan of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six series and would rather poke cocktail sticks into your eyeballs than play any of the titles on console, the very exciting - but yes, already broken - news is that latest instalment Lockdown is rappelling onto PC. It's due Spring 2006, boasts a number of PC-exclusive features and is frantically waving for your attention in a new gameplay movie that's been released.

Download the movie and you'll be treated to just over a minute of gameplay footage that displays more Special Forces action than you can shake a flashbang at - single-player, multiplayer, load-out screens, guns, ammo, blood, headshots, hand grenades... You get the picture. Enjoy.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown PC movie
Download here (10.8Mb, WMV)