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MotoGP 2006 screens screech in

Even though we're tyre-d and exhaust-ed, here're some brand new screens we thought you might bike. Erm, like

We like bikes, oh yes we do. In fact, some of us in the office like bikes so much we've had them surgically grafted to our arses for cunning split-second biking escapades. As you might imagine then, we're quite excited about the prospect of a next-gen racer in the form of MotoGP 2006 - and lo, here are some brand new Xbox 360 screenshots of the latest iteration in the superb series.

Climax, the same studio responsible for the award-winning MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3, is at the development helm and this next-gen instalment of the racer promises a plethora of new bikes, riders and tracks along with an expanded online mode, enabling up to 20 players to race at once.

MotoGP 2006 is currently penned for a vague "2006" release and we're wheely looking forward to it.