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Ninety-Nine Nights thrills in new video

If you can speak Japanese give yourself a pat on the back and then watch this Mizuguchi commentry video

Q Entertainment are fast becoming one of our favourite game developers. First they won our hearts and hurt our eyes with cult classic Rez on PS2, then they followed it up with Lumines on PSP, arguably the greatest ever catalyst for missing Tube stops. So it's perhaps not too surprising we're really looking forward to the company's latest Xbox 360 outing, Ninety-Nine Nights.

In a new streaming movie on the official Japanese Xbox NNN site, Tetsuya Mizuguchi showcases the game for a whole 10 minutes in Japanese.

Sadly our translation skills are lacking but the movie more or less speaks for itself, introducing the concept for newbies whilst also giving existing fans an extra taste of what NNN has to offer.

The game itself is an action-packed epic and although development is being handled by Korean developer Phantagram, Mizuguchi is taking a major role in the development process. We await the results of his endeavours with baited breath.

Ninety-Nine Nights storms into European stores some time in 2006.