Track & Field long-jumps on to Live Arcade?

People power spurs Konami into considering a retro Xbox Live Arcade release

Usually game companies don't bend to the demands of the game playing public, Shenmue 3 for example is nowhere to be seen despite massive fan fervour. Konami however seem to be taking on board the Christmas spirit, as it's now considering a Track and Field release via Xbox Live and it's all down to the power of Official Xbox 360 Magazine readers.

A poll held by our brethren over on the Offical Xbox 360 Mag site put Track & Field at the top of readers' most wanted Xbox Live Arcade games. Konami has taken notice of the fans' demands, and is now apparently considering an Xbox Live Arcade release for the old-school classic.

The game garnered over a third of the votes on the poll and speaking to OXM, a Konami spokesperson said: "Konami found the votes cast in OXM360's poll interesting and we're currently figuring out what to do with Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360."

The idea of Track and Field complete with Xbox Live leaderboards is an enticing prospect, but the game's Arcade rlease remains nothing more than just a dream for the moment. We're already wondering how the 360 pad will stand up to all that button bashing, but we'd also like to know your views.

What classics would you like to see revived and re-buffed on Xbox Live Arcade? Let us know in the comments field below.