Animal Crossing doesn't endorse piracy!

K.K. Slider might be one cool cat of a dog, but that doesn't mean illegal MP3s are good, says Nintendo

Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's VP of marketing and corporate affairs, has gone on record to state that K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing's guitar-strumming beatnik dog, isn't a proponent of illegal music downloads after all. Phew.

You may be wondering how anyone got the idea that he was in the first place, so here's a brief recap. With the advent of Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS in the States, a bunch of keen-eyed gamers spotted the following gem slipping from KK Slider's muzzle after one of his more rousing Saturday night performances at the museum coffee bar: "Those industry fat cats try to put a price on my music, but it wants to be free".

Clearly short of something to do, bloggers all over the 'net got into a lather about the musical canine's apparent social commentary and proverbial fuzzy finger to the RIAA, with the whole thing escalating to the point where the New York Times decided to get to the bottom of the matter.

Speaking to, Kaplan denied that Animal Crossing's tuneful dog was subversively encouraging illegal music downloads and piracy, explaining that "People can read a lot into a little, but musician K.K. Slider - a guitar-playing cartoon dog - is saying only that he's a free spirit who cannot be bought and sold for any amount of money." Apparently, Slider only wants his music to be free in the sense that its "freed from his guitar, free from any constraints." Kapplan also notes that "as a dog, it's understandable that he would not want to deal with any 'fat cats.'"

Yes, that's perfectly understandable. Glad we cleared that one up.