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FPS Creator

The DIY FPS games creator is shallow but fun, especially if you like shooting zombies, Nazis or Nazi zombies

Besides a few rocky outcrops of amazing FPS titles, I think you'll agree that the majority of firstperson shooters are pretty stale. You know what you're getting when you play these games: zombies in the future, Nazis in the past, Nazi-zombies on Fridays. Well now, with FPS Creator, you too can make your own bog-standard blaster!

As the name clearly states, the package allows you to create your own FPS games with absolutely zero coding skills and even fewer 3D modelling skills. What's more, whereas previous make-your-own-game software merely allowed you to choose a hero, an enemy and a type of pie before presenting you with a crappy identikit shooter, FPS Creator actually gives you an impressive amount of freedom, while still retaining that falling-off-a-log difficulty level.


With tile-based level design, drag-and-drop entities and a raft of prefab rooms and structures, you can literally create your own FPS in a matter of minutes. The thing is, without coding or modelling skills, you're restricted to Nazi games and zombie games, and terrible ones at that. If your coding skills amount to completing the beginner's Sudoku in The Guardian, FPS Creator is nothing more than a means of creating awful, featureless shooters. Then again, if you're one of those long-haired, greasy people who could actually create something decent with this software, you'll be the sort to briefly mock it before returning to creating your own graphics engines, sub-routines and whatnot.

That said, I had great fun developing my game, Space Zombies (In Space) - see it on this month's PC Zone DVD - but only because I never took it seriously. Start taking FPS Creator seriously, and it quickly becomes apparent how underequipped it leaves you to create anything decent. The games you create are your own intellectual property too, a privilege afforded by the fact that nobody in their right mind will buy the tripe you develop.

Don't get me wrong though, even though the end product is useless, creating your own game is fantastic fun - just don't expect to become the next Carmack. If you want to do that, start learning binary now.

The verdict


  • Great fun to develop with
  • A chance to get creative
  • Zombies and Nazis can't be faulted
  • Terrible engine
  • You won't make anything good